Thursday, November 20, 2014


As I followed a post from 40 Watt Gigolo on a song from the Savages, I'm compelled to put the efforts back into the Chi of Me.

DLTFGYD - Don't Let The Fucker's Get You Down.  Simple, succinct, exact!  This line from the song Fuckers, puts it all in perspective by exclaiming to not let "them" steal the freedom to feel young.  Great philosophy, when you think that we live in a country where you have the freedom to pursue happiness, but that you can become so beat down by the system or as the commonly expressed inference is "the man" that you allow your youthful vigor to be taken from you.  This is true blasphemy if ever there was such an act against one.

But this all girl band puts such energy into the production of this song, that it goes way beyond a psychedelic cacophony mixing fusion jazz and hard beating punk angst into a song that reaches deep inside you.  Listening to it,  you become intensely moved.  Women banded together have this effect on people (Thank you God!).   I truly felt the movement, and now I have an albeit mishmash moniker of a new mantra that is DLTFGYD!