Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Back in the saddle

This week is flying into the new year  at a rapid pace.  I elected to have surgery during the "down time" at the end of the year.  This required that I stay off my feet for what was planned to be 2 weeks, and has turned into 3 weeks.  Man-O-Man, you never know how much you could miss walking around until you cannot!

But the time of convalescing is coming to a close, and I find out Friday if my imposed torture is at its end (and I really hope that it is) so I can dance however I want, and whenever I want.

I do not ever want to be this debilitated again (if I can help it.)

But as the new year started, and I get into the swing of things, I find that teleworking is a marvelous thing - making the power of the Internet work in ones favor just having a connection and creating with brain and fingers, and getting paid for it. 



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