Friday, January 03, 2014

Apple Updates - for the way I work

I wrote previously about the Apple's in my life, and how the devices were enhancing my life.

This is still true, with the exception that I have modified what I have in my cache.

In the world of BYOD is has certain advantages and disadvantages; however, this time the advantages were all mine.  I used a personal MacBook for work, and I left the job, and they requested to have my laptop - but that they would replace it.  Hmmm, I thought.  This sounds like an opportunity to upgrade to me.

And upgrade I did.  I went from a 13" Macbook to a 27" iMac. Cool.  I still need to do an massive memory upgrade on the iMac, but one thing at a time.  Regardless, the iMac is now my current desktop love (Yeah, I know the world is going mobile, and the cloud is EVERYWHERE)!  I love this machine.

It is my central everything goes here device.  Sync, sank, sunk - and it does float my boat.

I am waiting for a little while longer on the "free" upgrade to Maverick.  But eventually I'll get there, if only to be able to expand a single screen without it effecting both screens in a dual monitor system.  This is a really cool feature, as that screen swamping uselessness that happens in Mountain Lion is very annoying.

But I am still a fan boy, albeit not a total suck up.  I do have a Kindle and an Android tablet too, and these devices fill gaps where the iWhatever device falls down.  The basic kindle reader is the bomb for outside reading (I can't wait to go to the beach and try that out.)  I also just like the ergonomic feel of the 7" Nexus tablet for reading too.  It just feels right, and doesn't cramp your hand after a multi chapter reading stint.


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