Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still Apple to the Core

Still using the fruits from the tribe in Cupertino, and happy to say - Lovin' it!

The next step will be to convert the old MAC-Mini into being the household media device. It will have to share the interface with the Roku, but I don't think that this is going to be a great pain; in that, the Roku can accept streaming content from alternate devices (or at least I have been told - I still hold on to an old school Missouri show me mentality.)
So this means a whole new project for me. BACK-UP, BACK-UP, BACK-UP: Think I'll listen and actually do the do, or hop on the pony and ride with no protection - NOT! I've already been around this block once or twice before. I may just make a back up, test it for completeness, crash the mains, and then try to restore from the back-up.

Oh no wait, I think that I will make the back-up, test the validity and integrity of the data and then restore to it, and then crash the mains to get to the point where the back-up is necessary. Hey life is only time that you spend trying to figure out what to do in the moments that you think you are bored. But that aside, this new venture into having a fully computerized media center seems like a worth while project - especially since it may be accomplished without any if not too much to money out the door.

The MAC-Mini will need to be updated to at least OS X Snow Leopard, and then the fun begins.

Look for new rants or raves as the process ensues.


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