Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Anytime you walk down a new path, try to make a new habit (or correct a bad one), you are making a conversion.
My new conversion is going to be away from books and paper to adopting an all electronic method of reading. I already read the New York Times via my iPhone, but the full conversion will be to get all new books and magazines via a reader. I made the first step by acquiring a Kindle. A great reader with battery technology that lasts for a month! The next step will be to fill the data pot with more data than I can read in a life time.
Between the Kindle app for the iPhone and the Barnes and Noble reader, and the iStore reader, I have collected a large cache of the classics. Amazing how rereading a classic tome brings back the memories of first how boring it was to be made to read something as an assignment, and second how wonderful it is to enjoy the prose and tones of real expression. Like the writers say - "Write drunk, and edit sober!"
To that end, the new electronic conversion may not be such a bad deal. As I look around my house at the amazing amount of books that have managed to remain in my life, I think having all this data in a more portable configuration would be nice. And, an electronic form is the way to go. The next step will be to recycle all the books. This is going to be the hardest part, especially the school books. I really spent a great deal of time and effort to impart the knowledge within these books to the inside of my head. Letting that attachment go is going to be a difficult task; however, the steps must be taken and the old needs to be replaced with the new, and the new should be here by Friday. Conversion it makes for a lighter life.


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