Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Toy -

No not an iPad, or a MAC Book, but a computer none the less. An Asus EeePC 1005HA, and so far so good.

This little PC serves a dual purpose. In that, it allows me to learn the nuances of the latest Windows release 7, albeit the Starter release. I think that most all of the needed features of the new OS are available to this Netbook. It also provides a way to support working on other people computers and networks (it also supports my burgeoning Linux habits). It is also equipped with 802.11N WiFi. This is a useful feature and this device will be used in trouble shooting many wireless set ups for both tweaking and repair.

All in all, I got a good deal as it was a refurb. The only limitations that I have found so far are 1GB of memory and the inability to temporarily disable the touch pad when an external mouse has been connected to the device. This was an easy feature/selection to manage in XP. Also it came with the 3 cell battery instead of the 6 cell, but this too has a remedy.

But I have the manual, and the Internet and between those two informational sources, I should be able to find the answer to my inquiry.

I still would like to have a MAC Book and possibly an iPad. The jury is still out on the iPad, as it is a new device, and the first generation of that new device, and there has been some hubbub about the iPad and its interface with WiFi. However, I am confident that Apple will resolve this most likely in software (as is everything mostly now a days).


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