Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 - The New Year Attitude

Reset, revived, ready to move forward and take on all new comers! This is the way I am starting out the new year. Change can only come when I make the effort, and not from resolutions that get shed like the pounds of the past that have crept up and get resolved to remove, but real change, like not consuming all the crap that turned into those pounds. Change to do better, to be a better example of how to be better and then to lead the pack forward with this zeal!
Ranting, raving, you betcha. But without a conscious flow of new ideas and the desire to go and follow a few possibly to fail, only to learn from the mistake, how does anyone ever expect to make accomplishments? Not everything works out, take note of the economy right now. But, change is rough and many the person, myself included, will take the first opportunity to procrastinate versus making the change. Although, with this new year the opportunity to change is right now, and like that Asian philosophy about the 1000 mile journey, you have to start with the first step. Key emphasis, on the you (or the me) have to make that step, and then keep on stepping. The direction may not always be correct, and the terrain may be arduous, but direction may be corrected (thank you GPS), and the terrain may be scaled in order to find the journey that leads to the new goals and dreams that become the new you or that new life or even just that new attitude.

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