Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve 2008

The end of 2008 - Whew. I am glad that I chose engineering and not investment banking as a career path. Not that my chosen path has any more "security" than any of the others. I am a believer now that the proposed security that anyone thought that they might have had in any career path is fraught with the illusion of security. Let's for the sake of argument call that the "American Dream". Go to school, learn a trade (Dr., Lawyer, Candle Stick Maker etc...) get a job, and then only to find out that whoops, that whole industry does not exist in this country (Oh yes the out source option). The term "Yankee Ingenuity" used to mean something, and your average American could make a living, raise a family and retire; however, that illusionary effect of value got in the way, and now the future of a country that was the envy of the world does not even garner pity, because our way right or wrong is showing the signs of just not working out for the whole.
As we enter this new year, I am taking a new look at the things I do, and how I operate. This is not a testament or even a list of "Resolutions (those are the first things dropped in the new year anyway)", but more a deeper dive into what it means to be a free person in a democratic society. We all have to act with a care for our fellow human beings, 'cause look where the get all you can syndrome has taken us!

This is going to be a new year that will challenge the hearts ans minds of many. It will have great opportunity for things that are now blindly accepted to be challenged, and for some to be changed. But this is the reality of our current situation, without massive change and overall caring we may just wind up being a whole nation in need of welfare. The down side of this is that is that there is no one and no source to provide the dole. Act responsible, assist those that need a hand, and move this country back to a position of respect and partnership with this little planet we call home.

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