Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Habits are

The end of the year is coming up and a few more people have this URL. Not that I need to create in order to placate any of those peoples' desire to read, I need to do this to support the habit of just "Getting Things Done!"
Yes it is the end of the year and Whew what a year it has been. Yes I know people that have been laid off over this last year. I was a member of that group, due to a financial drop in the first quarter of 2008 I was out the door at the end of March. I was lucky, and was offered a job within three hours of getting released. the job change has turned out to be one of the best career moves that I have made ever.
The job is the Director of Sales Engineering for KenCast, inc. I work out of my home, and Hartsfield Airport, but the wife says that "you're like a morning person all the time!" That is partly a good comment and partly a bad comment. The wife is not a morning person, and me bouncing around like "Tigger" all the time does not always meet with her approval.
Regardless, even with the turmoil that is everywhere in the economy currently, my current employer has a positive outlook (and I will do my best to keep this moving positively)!
So, the new year is coming, and this blog will be the place for me to vent, rant, rave and just let the steam off as we move into the future that is at this moment undecided.
I actually look forward to potential of having more people read this and to make their presence know through comments.
"Love the moment, Live the Life, Love not momentarily, but in the moment love as if time would not end!"


PS I have been asked, pleaded with, and goaded to create an RSS feed of my whimsical sayings to make them available for the 20 somethings that I come into contact with as a guide. In the new year this will begin. I will post the URL hopefully by the end of February. Look for this feed to be available soon on every mobile device you have at your disposal.

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