Saturday, January 03, 2009

The vacation is now over - 2009 is a Go!

The end of the year has been a good time for me to take up the slack in my vacation time. Typically with the holiday's falling where they fall in the last two weeks of the year, a minimum amount of vacation days equals a maximum amount of leave from work. This was definitely the cast this year.
Luck was in my favor as I changed jobs last year and as part of the new job negotiations (thankfully I was in a position to make a deal) I received 15 days of vacation; although, joining the new job in the second quarter versus the first prorated the 15 to 11 days but this is not the point.
I was able to take the last two weeks of the year off, clear my head of anything work related (regardless of the job stress occurs) and get a handle on the plan for the new year.
This is a part of the new year, and the mind and the body are in the moment and moving. This is a Saturday, at 8:30 in the morning, and I am up and active. Such are the actions of my new future; in that, to really take control and get anything done, you have to have TIME. It cannot be manufactured, saved, bottled, or otherwise stored for use later. You have to manage the time you have! Then you have to use that time to Get Things Done (no so much a plug for David Allen, but he does have a point)! And this is my way of moving in that direction. As I stated in an earlier post, I am not the one to make any "New Year Resolutions", since these are the first items to get lost in the time that becomes any new year - Just ask your self, "What if I really had lost all the weight I resolved to lose over the years?" - Well then your Body Mass Index would be at or better than the calculated figure (and that is usually a real shocker for most people, usually due to the fact that it is a illogical thought to think that one could have gotten so far off the mark and that they really had THAT MUCH weight to lose). Off track again; regardless, using the time to make accomplishments ans get things done is just a part of the new habits that I am making and not just by setting anything done in a resolution, but by just doing them. From here on until the list, one by one, just get done!


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