Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not to let the embers die

Today I received a note from a former colleague and that was a really good feeling. You know the one, where you just feel good that you knew this person from your past and suddenly they are right in your present. Good. Regardless, this is a friend in another city, and as I now go there more frequently, I am going to ensure that this opportunity is optimized. Because, the tracks in one's life are better noted with the company of friends.

Also, today I received a call from a friend that I do not get to talk to too often, and when I do it is like time has dilated and there is no real break from the last conversation that we had. She called today because she is dealing with some serious cancer issues with her husband and needed a vent, and I could not take the time to be a listener, as work was in the way (today in a big way and it was a beast). For this, I am truly sad. For my friend, and for me in not knowing how to put the other call I was on on some kind of mute or hold to allow my friend a moment to share without it being rude. I hope she calls again tomorrow and I can make the most of the moment and let her have her moment and pour out some of the fear, stress, and or just anguish from the cancer that has come inside her life through her husband.

Life is too short to let the fires go untended, and wither to a point at which no flame may be fanned into existence. Life should be a pledge to never let the embers die.