Monday, May 28, 2007

Friends - Forever Really

Funny how so many people say that they have friends, but they really don't know either themselves or their friends. Oh, they are polite, and jest and banter, but do they ever communicate and understand the other person.
Funny, but lots of people do not even entertain the thoughts on this subject, and therefore never get to know anything more about themselves or their friends than just the peripherals!
So my take is, know yourself, and get to know your friends. This is the squeeze that provides the juice that life itself is made, and without that juice you are not really living! Besides, life is tough and you go it alone, unless YOU find the way to communicate with other people. Granted the conversations are difficult (being truly honest always is), but the outcome of that expression may be the link to intellectual, emotional, and even physical places that you may have only imagined. And sometimes, this juice of life surprises you outside of anything you could have imagined.
Bottom line, love yourself, love your friends, listen, and respond, but above all if you make a friend being all to that friend will embellish both your lives.