Saturday, August 27, 2011

My new green regiem may be greenless for others

With the purchase of a gas hog of a truck, the feel of 70 to 80 dollars per tank really hit.

As a greener response, I joined the gas sippers, and purchased a Toyota Prius. For a baby boomer, this car has as many of the George Jetsonish features as you can remember from Saturday mornings in front of the tube. Except that it does not morph into a briefcase. I am waiting on that upgrade feature (but not holding my breath.)

But a hybrid car that does not use a key (in the traditional sense) does take some driver conditioning. The other feature is that the car is the most quiet thing I have ever driven. It is so quiet that I have currently gotten out of the car 4 times and tried to lock the door, only to have the car tell me that it was still running.

Quiet, and did I mention new, this car is fun to drive and it has the necessary pep to go when asked. But the thing that gets my attention is that I frequented Quick Trip for gas (many times when I owned the truck) and now I have owned the Prius since August 20th, I have been to Quick Trip 4 times, and I have not purchased gas once. I just hope that I do not single handed cause a dip in the QT revenues and cost someone their job.

I'll post again when I have to buy gas.