Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Clarity of Mind - The return of ME

The Month of June was a real mind melter! And this is no understatement. I was mentally hampered with the surgery, illness, and subsequent death of my mother. This is a loss that I may not ever fully recover from (and I really don't mind being affected by this forever, in that my mom was the type person that truly would effect your life forever and her essence has affected me).

Anyway, I am moving on and getting my state of being back in order! The realization of the loss of both parents now is the windfall of full on adulthood, like no other milestone in the personal growth experience that we call life. Orphan. Except that I find with the loss of the one's from which I came comes the love for those that are still in my immediate life - I have bonded with more family members close and extended than I have in a long long time, and the feeling is really good!

Time does indeed make the pain less, and the memories will gel into similes on summer days watching the clouds pass by in the sky looking for what possibilities may abound in the random patterns (a shared pass time with mom).

But the rest of the family will always have a need for looking after, and life does continue - might as well be a happy man with a clear mind.