Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Simple Things Really Are Free

I got a taste of the divine the other day! And it is truly amazing how in life you get a glimpse of something larger than yourself and it makes you feel more right with yourself.

I had had a really bad work day, and at the end of the day, even with an umbrella for protection from the rain, I got drenched (soaking wet in clothes is not one of my favorite things). However, after the deluge everything outside was as wet as I was, and this turned out to be a really good thing. In that, as I was sitting at a traffic light more focused on the bad day I had had than anything else, I noticed that the electrical wires supporting the traffic light and the subsequent wires were glowing like they were strung with Christmas lights! I watched this for a long time (the duration of the traffic light I was at), will it felt longer than it may have actually been. But the important part is that after looking at the lights, caused by the refraction of the sun in the water droplets on the cable, I felt a lift of the bad feeling caused by my work experiences. Then the light changed and as my car nudged slightly on the road, the lights disappeared! Just like that, the amazing phenomenon that I was so lucky to behold was gone. A free moment in space and time when the sun the water (and a brilliant explanation of the nature of diffracted light by Isaac Newton) and I were one. A truly simple thing, and free, in more ways than I can say!

Just another opportunity to say thank you God - 'cause if there was a day that I needed a reminder of the larger side of the universe it was that rainy Thursday in May.