Tuesday, September 05, 2006

State of Mind - "I'm a Doing Fine"

I recently reviewed the "TED" talks on the six apart application (by Mena Trott), and the results from the video were that either you journal, blog, or email all your friends the info in your head has to come out or you blow up on the inside!

Your may find this talk at -

People are not loners, and we all have a need to communicate. Blogging does provides this outlet. Yes, you may think that some blogs are the ravings of mad people; however, how far are we apart that madness does not live in our own home (or in our own head for that matter). It is just that the blogging lets the pressure equalize for each person. Whew! I feel suddenly more at pease.

jb-phd (polite, humane, dependable)