Saturday, March 31, 2007

Knowledge Curse or Blessing?

Ever been the "smart person?"
It has its ups and downs. For example many years ago I worked designing electronic devices, and the first thing anyone that I met would ask was "can you fix my TV?" The usual answer was yes, but can you afford to pay me what I think the job is worth?

Now days, the conversations are the same with the exception that the TV is now a computer. Can you get my blah blah blah to use a wireless connection/multiple computers/Linux and the list goes on and on....... Its not so bad knowing a thing or two (million), and helping people is ok too. It's is just that the technology moves faster than an average person wants to try and grasp. Especially when learning anything in technology takes a minor mastery in a new language, and every technology has -if not its own language- a severe vocabulary requirement. And for some, you have to learn to make your fingers poke a series of keys in a fashion that will make complex secret handshakes look as simple as the Princess Di wave.

Somedays I have wished for a more blissfully ignorant reality; however, I just can't seem to stop sticking my nose in the nearest tech book/blog/rant/forum. The down side is that I may even someday perpetuate the insanity and contribute my own writtings to the world just keeping the flow of information going and going...........

Friday, March 30, 2007

Back in the Saddle

First POST IN A LONG TIME! It is truly amazing how lazy a person can become, but the real dark side is that personal laziness has an affect on other people. Damn the fact that it is not possible (or feasible in the modern sense) to be "an island unto one's self."

So, I am back in the saddle!

I have jumped into a new learning phase. MAC. After being a PC snob for the longest of times, I have a new found fondle for the MAC Mini. This fondness may even lead to a full fledged G box and that soon to leap leopard OS release. I may even be so bold as to outfit the wife with a MAC, and this would be some feat - since she is the really demanding tech user in the house. Due to the fact that her main principle is "The Shit Had Better Work", or I'll never hear the end of it!

In pushing away from the Redmond Rangers, I am learning the new headaches that come with the new languages, syntax, and vocabulary of the F/OSS world. From the mac perspective UNIX via BSD and the many flavors of Linux and the god awful amount of stuff that you need to have a handle on to get by in the soft everything program world. For example LAMPPP - Hack, Stack, and Flack - Ruby, Rails, snips of code and object trails........Visual this and that What you see and IDE........arrrgh - But what is the point of having a brain if you ain't gonna hack the code that runs it, and it is all about learning new things, or at a minimum working with the chops to ensure that the mind is sharp!