Monday, August 06, 2012

Time Casualties

Time has a way of catching up with one, and as some would say, there is never enough, or that the comings and goings just do not happen with convenience.

The lack of convenience is a true statement, in that I received news today from a friend of mine (a friend that I have known for all of my adult life, and from a time when I could not wait to find out what being that adult was, and was still young enough to rough the troubles of being young on my parents) that his life would be shortened by cancer.

He was the notification, and not Facebook, or a text, or an email, or hearsay, he called me in person to tell me the news himself.  Man up! Man of our time, doing what adults do being responsible, but knowing that the emotional strife of accepting ones mortality well before an age when you are just expected to perish is a tough act.  This was a moment when it came there was no thinking about anything else, but telling him I loved him, and it came from within without condition.

These are the casualties of time that nobody wants, but that come on us all because we are a collective and the effect of one is the affect of all.