Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello Grasshopper

Teaching - not just instructing is an art, and not to be taken lightly.
Sometimes it is not necessarily obvious who learns the most in a learning situation the teacher or the student. I quess that in any quality session both are enriched by the passing of the knowledge. The teacher gains from giving and the student gains from learning, or is it a deeper relationship? Does the teacher learn or relearn from the repetition of the passing lesson, or is the point of the lesson to learn of the way of the pupil to accept the knowledge and to gain the insightful experience of finding out how to impart the lesson that is understood? Either way, I think that both parties get something at the end of the day.

I had an opportunity to pass some of my knowledge on to one that wanted to learn, and it felt good knowing that the fire to learn does burn in the younger crowd. It almost seems that the opportunities to teach get mired in a corporate dogma of "teach youself or get fired!" Not to say that one must not improve the self, it is just that sometimes the more experienced are able to teach needed and valuable skills. Since, there are sometimes more to how to fix, repair, or cofigure something than meets the eye. Sometimes you need to not only know the technology, but also the psychology - the people science of getting others to understand what you have done and why, and for some folks this is not an easy task. As if interpersonal communicaitons are ever an easy task. It is just that a true communicator had more tools in their chest - finesse, panache, and the tride and true old standby manners (Thanks Mom!), and telling someone about these things only if by showing them is always good.

Funny thing is about others learning through what you show them, is that most of the others do indeed learn this way! So, hone your skills, do your best, do as you would do for yourself always because someone is always watching!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Never Wait for Love

Many times in the life of both men and women each will have a moment to connect, and for some reason or another the moment gets lost. Is it that a thought gets in the way? Maybe that same thought could be the initiative that moves one toward greatness!

Regardless of any other information that you may have to the contrary, life is short. I got a reminder of this on Thursday March 16th. A friend of mine gets a call from his half sister. A large truck had crossed into the lane of on coming traffic and the mother of his half sister died on impact. Tragic! But a really good example of why no one person should let any thing stop them from telling another person how they feel about them. With the short amount of time we are allotted, and the ability to feel such a complex array of emotions, take the moments of your life and share them with others! The time spent in this activity will never fall into any category that you feel deserves the label wasted endeavor.