Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bitting the Apple

I have finally taken the full on bite of the Cupertino Apple orchard.
- iPhone
- iPad
- MACBook Pro
Outside the dangers of over ingesting fructose from all the little apples (products) in my life now, I am quite happy with the operation of all these devices. Prior to actually going down the road that began this adventure into the Apple orchard of devices, I had purchased an iPod; however, operational accuracy - distortion of the audio content, prompted me to return the purchase. I had only purchased the device to get used to the new iOS interface. With the return of the iPod, I just went to the next tree, plucked an iPhone, and have been walking in the orchard ever since.

I now have, pardon the pun, an almost full bushel of the Apple product line. See the list above:
It is getting to a point as to which device I like the best. The iPad provides an almost junkie like addiction to the Internet using this device. It has both WiFi and 3G access, and is therefore the ultimate device to use all around, and is especially viable in airports where rogue WiFi access is problematic. I am still looking at "data in data out" aspects of using the iPad. Although, I am looking forward to the release of the upcoming version of the IOS v5.0. Not to mention the upcoming release of the MAC OS Lion.

The iOS is coming, the orchard is growing, and my little basket of Apples is being used happily.