Monday, February 13, 2006

Vday is coming

I now know that I am really geting old! When the wife and I can sit at home on VDay eat a little chocolate (actually quite a few peanut butter M&M's)and for us to be content just with each other; however, the son on the other hand has a date - althought he borrowed the money from his parents.

But to know where you kid is and that he is in the company of other teens that you like and accept is a good feeling. If this is geting old then I am doing the right stuff!

The youngster on the verge of being automotive and "doing what he wants", but still able to come home at 9:30 because he was told to, is a major part of the feeling of oldness, and at the same time provides a supreme feeling of youth just knowing that me and the old lady made that lad!


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