Friday, December 30, 2005

On to the New Year

The Year End Wrap Up:

2005 What a year. I can only hope for better things to come in the New Year.

Let me sum up the good and the bad.

First the bad:

  1. My Dad died on March 16th

  2. Work not only saw no bonus but also no raise

  3. Work was still hard

  4. Work, Home, Family did not take a break from being demanding

Now the good:

  1. Work was at least challenging

  2. This year my son turned on the academic gene he had been suppressing

  3. I had the opportunity to perform for a really large public speaking engagement (Tony Robbins move over)

  4. I had another year sharing the company of carpooling with my friend Sal

  5. My Mother spent the Christmas holiday with us

All in all the year did have its own series of up and downs as will most years, but for the most part time has marched on, children got bigger, and time you spend telling people that you love them means more. So the bottom line of it is that life is not so bad, work does not really suck all that bad, and the family I have provides love and comfort at all the right times. Luck, Karma, practice who knows: It is however, my life and I like the way it has progressed.


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