Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Flood Gates Open

1/1/06 - This is truly going to be a happier New Year. I started off the year with a great new coincidence. I was out walking my dog wearing a shirt with the SC state logo on it and met one of my neighbors. As we talked he asked if I was from SC. I said no but that I worked there on occasion and that my father was from a small town in SC. He said that his wife was from Anderson, SC. This is the next town from the town of Iva that my father was from. As we talked further my neighbor stated that his wife's grandfather still lived in Iva. Small World: Definitely interconnected:

Today the flood gates opened, and I begin the process of blissfully logging myself!

12/28/05 - I will never know when it is time to buy a lottery ticket, because those times better known as coincidences just seem to always happen - except the lottery ticket never hits!

Any way the most recent incident was from a conversation that I had with my friend and car pooling buddy on the idea that America has truly adopted the ideals that track the 7 deadly sins - you know them
Lust, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, and Wrath: If you followed the recent fall of both Enron and MCI, you know that the American CEO has become the embodiment of these sins, or at least it sure looks that way when you look at the facts.

The second incident that screams coincident is that for the last couple of days (end of the year vacation 2005) I have been researching nerdy stuff, and was reading about mathematicians and specifically John Von Neumann. As I was reading it had an article about self replicating machines. I had read similar information in the Von Neumann research only days before. Time to buy that lottery ticket.


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